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Jason Terry says there's 'no comparison' between Klay Thompson and James Harden

Jason Terry and James Harden

Who is the best shooting guard in the NBA?

It's always a very interesting to debate who is actually better - James Harden or Klay Thompson? I know that many of you add in conversation DeMar DeRozan, and he deserves that, but media, analysts and fans like to compare two players like Harden and Klay, because they are rivals, and they are also slightly better than DeRozan.

I didn't forget Dwyane Wade, but he is 34-years old, and because of that everyone talks about James Harden and Klay Thompson.

The newly signed Milwaukee Bucks veteran guard, Jason Terry, balked at the notion that Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson was better than Harden.

[Thompson's] not leading s***. If he doesn't make shots, how effective is he? Go watch Klay Thompson vs. James Harden from last year and see what [LeBron] James did to him. Every time James got by him, you know who was there? Draymond Green or Andrew Bogut. ... I'm not a Klay Thompson hater. It's just when you put him up against James Harden, there's no comparison.

When looking at the numbers, one could argue Terry is right when he said Harden is a better player than Thompson:

Ok, maybe Terry is right, but he missed the point that Thompson has to play with Stephen Curry, and James Harden is one-man-team for Houston Rockets.

I believed Klay could have more than 25 points per game if he plays with teams without the second superstar.

But, I agree with Jason Terry that Jason Harden has better skills because he doesn't use just three-pointers and cut layups like Klay Thompson.

What do you think, who is a better SG right now, Thompson or James Harden?