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Jay Williams Backpedals After Falling For False Kevin Durant Statement: "I Beat LeBron In Back-To-Back Finals, Then What Does That Make Me?”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Jay Williams was the victim of internet trolls when he believed a fake quoted actually came out of Kevin Durant's mouth in a recent episode of KD's new 'The ETCs' podcast. Durant has always been the subject of criticism for his statements and the way he acts when somebody points out any mistake he might have made. Well, Williams was going to be another name on that list, but he learned that you don't have to believe everything you see on the internet the hardest way of all.

During a recent edition of 'Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin,' Williams was discussing the future of the Brooklyn Nets and all the expectations around them. Talking about the infamous 'championship or bust season' that the team got, Williams said that they'll probably try to trash talk everybody on their way to the Finals, mentioning the false quoted that supposedly came from KD.

“People try to discredit my rings, but honestly, I feel like they’re the most valuable of our era. People argue [LeBron James] is the GOAT, but if I beat him in back-to-back finals, then what does that make me?”

Williams was informed that this was actually a fake quote and KD never said such things, prompting the former NBA start to apologize for the mistake, stating he needs to be better from now on.

“I got poor information this morning relating to a statement that was thought to come from @KDTrey5. It was a fake tweet by a kid, and it wasn’t true. I apologize & own this mistake. I have to be better and will be.”

As usual, fans reacted, with some going after Williams for not checking his facts while others just joked or admitted they also fell for it.

We've all have fallen for this fake news during our time on the internet. Fortunately, Williams has a huge platform and he spreading that information as it was true wasn't well received. KD did beat LeBron in straight Finals and he takes pride in his rings with the Warriors, but that last quote was a complete lie.