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Jay Williams Fires Back After Kevin Durant Calls Him A Liar: "I Stand By My Story"

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Kevin Durant wasn't happy after Jay Williams told an allegedly fake story about his thoughts on Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks are clashing in the second round of the Eastern playoffs, with KD and Giannis going at it in the first two games. Durant, however, has won both duels by a large margin. 

This situation prompted Williams to 'reveal' a story of KD telling him he didn't want to be compared to Antetokounmpo. Those comments didn't sit well with Durantula, who took to social media to call out Williams. 

One day after making his first statement, Jay doubled down on his comments, claiming that KD probably didn't like that he shared a personal story. 

"I stand by my story. You know, I was probably wrong for sharing your personal story. But that’s what we do. We share personal stories.”

“It was meant as a compliment. There are levels to this. It was about you know, saying, hey, how different KD is. It’s unfortunate that KD felt that way at that moment, but I wish KD nothing but love and all the best success, I hope they win a championship.”

“We talk about them every single day. Shoot the other day, I was talking about him being the best player in the world. So that’s all I gotta say about that….. Now there’s some other people that made some other comments that I might address later on. But we’ll save that for another day.”

Truth be told, Williams did say KD had a big chance to enter the GOAT conversation if he added another NBA championship and Finals MVP to his résumé. Yet, the good things he priorly said fell apart when he talked about this story. 

Durant wasn't having any of that, and he let Williams have it. Still, the analyst won't back down. He's sticking to his word.