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Jay Williams: "If Kevin Durant Wins Another NBA Championship And Finals MVP, He Will Be In The GOAT Conversation"

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Jay Williams is under fire right now after allegedly using a fake quote against Kevin Durant. The former NBA player-turned-analyst sparked a lot of reactions when he said the Brooklyn Nets star asked him to never compare him to Giannis Antetokounmpo

KD wasn't happy with that and took to social media to call out Williams. During Tuesday's edition of ESPN's KJZ, Jay said that Durant didn't like to be compared to the Greek Freak. 

It all fell apart really quickly for him. Before that, he was praising KD's performance against Giannis and his Milwaukee Bucks. Jay said that Durant can be part of the GOAT convo if he wins the title this year, along with another Finals MVP. 

"I've been, on the record saying, if Kevin Durant wins another championship, and wins another Finals MVP, he would be inching towards GOAT conversation. He will be in that conversation. We will have to start talking about it. Yesterday I also said that he's the greatest scorer/offensive weapon that is in the game of basketball." 

This is not the first time that Williams makes a case for Durant to enter GOAT territory. However, he ruined everything good he said about the Slim Reaper once he told this story about him and Giannis. 

The Nets are looking like the best team in the league right now. Even without James Harden, they work like a well-oiled machine that won't stop until they win the NBA championship. 

Durant has stated that he's not desperately looking to win championships, but if this his chill approach to the playoffs, we can't even imagine how it'd be if he was trying to get that ring as he used to.