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Jay Williams: ‘James Harden And Russell Westbrook Have Trust Issues’

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

When Russell Westbrook was traded to the Houston Rockets, a lot of questions surfaced about the point guard and his new team, more so knowing that he and James Harden have the exact same style of play, which requires them to have the ball in their hands for long periods.

Ever since Russ made it to Houston, both players stressed about how good they were going to be together and all the sacrifices Brodie would have to make for this to work out. Right now the Rockets have one of the best records in the entire NBA but there is one thing that has been hurting the team at times.

That’s Westbrook’s poor shooting percentage. He takes a lot of shots, landing bricks most of the time. That has set the alarms on at the Toyota Center, given how different things are between him and Harden.

Now Jay Williams has stated in a recent episode of ESPN’s ‘Get Up!’ that some issues are going on in Houston, specifically between Westbrook and Harden. Williams claimed that Harden doesn't trust Westbrook anymore and it has changed the way their offense works.

"That's a major issue going down the stretch," Williams said. "James Harden is wondering, can I trust my number 2? My number 2 cannot shoot which does not fit into our offense. Trust issues."

It wouldn’t be shocking to see the duo denying those claims, but William’s words don’t sound that crazy. Both players are ball dominant and their shooting percentage is not the most desired of all. There is still time in the season and we still need to wait to see how everything keeps developing with the former Oklahoma City Thunder players.