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Jay Williams Shuts Down Kyrie And LeBron Reunion Rumors: “It Will Never, Ever, Ever Happen”

Credit: USA Today

Credit: USA Today

As the NBA offseason is approaching us, rumors increase on a daily basis no matter how crazy or unlikely they are, some of them received plenty of unnecessary attention. Kyrie Irving’s story with the Boston Celtics is anything but clear at this point since the point guard hasn’t explicitly stated which are his desires and where he is going to play next season, leaving everybody with nothing but rumors that even though aren’t plausible, everyone loves to know.

A rumor that has gotten bigger and bigger in the last few weeks is the one involving a Kyrie and LeBron James reunion in L.A., a couple of seasons after Irving demanded to be traded from the Cavaliers because he didn’t want to keep playing alongside the King. No matter how insane this might sound, there are still people who think this is possible, but this move would a huge surprise if it ever takes place.

Discussing this topic on ESPN’s Get Up!, Jay Williams didn’t doubt to make people know how he feels with these rumors and how impossible a move like this is at this point. After Richard Jefferson said he didn’t see Kyrie reuniting with LeBron, Williams agreed and added the reasons why he believes this will ‘never happen’.

“It will never, ever, ever happen. Can you imagine the narrative that would follow Kyrie Irving? So you have two bad seasons in Boston, one where you don’t play in the playoffs and get to the Finals and next where you don’t get the team to where they’re supposed to go, with all the things said in the podium and then the next year you say: ‘you know what? I’m gonna go back and play with LeBron James.

People would say “we knew Kyrie couldn’t get it done on his own”, “we knew Kyrie wasn’t the leader”. Kyrie would not want that narrative to follow him for the rest of his career. I wouldn’t want that narrative following me for the rest of my career. I can only go back to LeBron James to win a championship? I couldn’t go back and do with Kevin Durant? I couldn’t do with Anthony Davis? I couldn’t with another player? I will never see that happen with the way it went down the first time.”