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Jaylen Brown And Marcus Smart Reportedly Had To Be Separated During Heated Locker Room Exchange

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

New details have surfaced about last night's incident in the Boston Celtics locker room following the 106-101 loss to the Miami Heat. Boston blew a 17-point lead and now are trailing the Heat 2-0 in a series that looks more and more complicated for them. After the game, reporters heard Marcus Smart yelling in the locker room, storming out the room and telling his teammates 'y'all on that bulls--t.'

Now, Shams Charania of The Athletic has revealed more info about what happened inside that locker room last night. According to the insider, Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown were heavily involved in the incident and they 'needed to be separated by teammates' at some point.

Boston Celtics’ Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown had a heated confrontation inside that locker room after the Game 2 loss and needed to be separated by teammates. Smart, who is widely regarded as Boston’s emotional leader, was heard shouting inside the postgame locker room after the Celtics’ loss to Miami.

Smart stormed into the Celtics postgame locker room saying that other players needed to be held accountable and not simply point the finger toward him when things are going wrong. As Smart continued and his voice grew louder, sources said Brown snapped back and shouted that Celtics players must stay together and that their actions must come as a team, not individually, and that Smart needed to cool off. Those sources added Smart had verbal exchanges with a couple of the assistant coaches during the game.

Smart and Brown had a tense interaction inside the locker room, with objects thrown around. Teammates diffused the situation before any physical altercation could take place.

This is not a good-looking picture for the Celtics. They need to stay together during these hard times but it's good to see they care about what's going on. They need to be on the same page to try to find a way to turn things around. Following the incident, a series of players and the head coach reacted to the whole situation, explaining these things happen when you're in this position.

“He plays with passion, he’s full of fire and that’s what I love about him most. … There are ups and downs with families all the time but we embrace each other for who we are, who Marcus is, I love him for it. We gotta be ready to come back with that same fire for Game 3,” Brown said.

Now it's time to cool things off and focus on the next game. They don't want to lose the third game against the Heat; that would be the end for the Celtics.