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Jaylen Brown Is Having A Nightmarish Season


What the heck is wrong with the Boston Celtics anyway?

In a season of so many surprises, Boston’s poor play has been one of the biggest stories.

After boasting the East’s top record last year, expectations were flying high on their potential for this season.

But at 9-9, standing at 8th in the Eastern Conference, the Celtics are falling flat.

Part of it is the adjustment period of having to reintegrate Gordon and Kyrie back into the rotation, who were out for long periods of time last season.

More importantly, a few players have not stepped up as they should have.

Jaylen Brown is probably the most troubled on the court right now, and the stats prove it. He’s just not the same player we saw a year ago.


In ESPN‘s Real Plus/Minus ranking, Jaylen is ranked 417th out of 430 total players. His shooting splits are abysmal (37/28/64.447 TS%), and he’s averaging the same amount of turnovers as assists.

In other words, something is seriously wrong with Jaylen Brown. He’s been a liability for the team, especially on the offensive end.

So far, it’s nothing that can’t improve with time, but if things continue to trend this way, we may see some changes being made before too long.