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Jaylen Brown Reacts To Report Of Tristan Thompson 'Not Loved' In The Celtics Locker Room

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Boston Celtics have been making some headlines in recent days, especially because of the trades they could make before the deadline strikes on Thursday. After a couple of months with the C's, Tristan Thompson has been named as a player that could be traded by the team.

Before joining the Celtics, TT had spent his entire career with the Cleveland Cavaliers and one could think that was going to create some issues between him and his new teammates and according to Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer, the big man is 'not loved' by his teammates. Talking with The Mismatch podcast, O'Connor revealed what is going on for the Celtics.

“I have also heard that [Tristan] Thompson is not loved in that locker room for numerous different reasons.”

Well, the players weren't having that and they took to social media to deny those claims. Jaylen Brown used a 'cap' emoji to demonstrate he disagrees with that report and making it clear there's no issue between Tristan and his teammates.

Kemba Walker did the same, but he did write that he and the rest of the team loved the player.

Still, the Celtics have been linked with a series of players in recent days and perhaps one of those additions will mean they have to part ways with Thompson. That would fuel the rumors on this situation but as things stand right now, there is no problem with TT and the rest of the locker room.