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Jaylen Brown Reportedly Challenged Players To Leave Bubble: "If You Leave, Are You Just Leaving Because You’re Lonely? Or Will You Go Out And Be In The Trenches And Support Protests? Don’t Just Talk About It — Be About It."

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Jaylen Brown is one of the players who have shown the most support to protests against racism and police brutality. Before the bubble, he was seen marching, asking for justice for the killings of black people in the hands of the police. Jaylen knows he and his peers have a big platform in the NBA and they need to use it if they want to achieve something meaningful.

During the Wednesday night players' meeting, the Boston Celtics swingman had a big message for those who wanted to leave the bubble in the wake of Jacob Blake's shooting and all the protests originated by this shameful incident. The three games scheduled for yesterday were boycotted and now some reports suggest the season is in jeopardy, once again.

It was reported that several players wanted to leave the bubble, but not everybody had the same reasons. Jaylen Brown addressed this situation and told his fellow NBA players to fight for justice with conviction and not decide to leave the bubble because they feel lonely. He challenged them to leave but go to the streets to support the protests against all the injustices taking place in America.

"Jaylen Brown challenged players who want to go home. If you leave, are you just leaving because you’re lonely? Or will you go out and be in the trenches and support protests? Don’t just talk about it — be about it," Brown is quoted a saying by ESPN's Marc J. Spears.

Brown agreed with the Milwaukee Bucks' decision to boycott their game against the Orlando Magic. He is clear that whoever decides to leave the bubble, should do so to support people, to show they really care, not only in Orlando, where they have all the commodities they can have.

Jaylen and his Celtics were set to start their series against the Toronto Raptors today and it was expected they would be the first teams to boycott a bubble game. The Bucks surprised everybody on Wednesday and now we have this situation. We still don't know a final decision on this, but it's clear that everybody has a strong position.