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Jayson Tatum Believes Celtics Will Win The Finals This Year

Jayson Tatum

For as much talent as the Celtics have, they're falling way short of their early season expectations. With a 37-21 record, they certainly haven't been terrible. They're amongst the better squads in the East.

But they are also not nearly as good as most thought they'd be. They currently trail the Pacers, Bucks, and Raptors, despite having a more talent-stacked roster.

Still, Jayson Tatum isn't swaying in his confidence for the team.

"We're going to win the Finals this year," Tatum said after taking the All-Star Skills Challenge on Saturday, per NBA on ESPN.

Alongside a rather underwhelming win-loss record, the Celtics have also dealt with trade rumors, inner turmoil, and questions from the inside about the security of the future of their stars. It has been a turmoilous season, to say the least.

So for them to still make the Finals, after everything they're going through, would be one heck of an achievement.

As long as they have guys like Tatum and Kyrie on that roster though, something tells me they'll always have a chance to hoist that trophy in June. And it would go a long way in convincing not only Kyrie to stay, but maybe even Anthony Davis, who the C's are intent on pursuing this coming summer.