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Jayson Tatum Claims Celtics Have 'A Realistic Chance' To Win The Championship This Season

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Boston Celtics are already a competitive team in the NBA but the C's are seen as one of the teams of the future in the association. Led by a great head coach like Brad Stevens, the Celtics have a bright future ahead. They count with great players that could take this team to the next in the upcoming campaigns, led by Jayson Tatum.

The 22-year-old has become the leader of the team and he's expected to be one of the faces of the league in the future. The Celtics have a big shot at the throne of the East this season but Tatum believes they can do a lot more. The forward believes his team has a 'realistic' chance to lift the Larry O'Brien trophy this season.

"I think that's the mentality you should have,” Tatum said during a Zoom conference, via Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports. "I've never been on a team in my life -- whether it was high school or college or since I have been on the Celtics -- where I didn't think we should settle for like third place.

"I always thought, that's why we played, to be the last team standing, so I think automatically we have that mindset, and we have a realistic chance. We have the talent, the experience, the depth, and we compete with the best of them. We scrap, we play defense, and our mindset is to never give up. We have a lot of guys who have been through a lot with each other, been through a lot of battles over the last couple years, so we hold each other accountable, trust each other, and we're going to fight 'til there's zero on the clock.”

It won't be an easy journey, Tatum knows that, but he's confident that his team can do well in the bubble. The East has four major teams this season, the Milwaukee Bucks, the Miami Heat, the Toronto Raptors and the Celtics. Some would say the Philadelphia 76ers, too, but they have underperformed this campaign.

They have the players, they have the coach and they have the desire to transcend. Perhaps Tatum will play his first Finals this season. The Celtics have played well against the favorites of the West, Lakers and Clippers, so their chances might be bigger than we think.