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Jayson Tatum Has Reunited With His 2-Year-Old Son Deuce, And It's The Most Wholesome Thing You'll See All Day

(via Twitter/@jaytatum0)

(via Twitter/@jaytatum0)

Adam Silver and the NBA have gone out of their way to make sure their guys are taken care of in the bubble. In the midst of a worldwide pandemic and nationwide protests, spending months in quarantine with all the distractions can certainly take its toll on players.

The hardest part, of course, is the amount of time people have had to spend away from their families. And with those restrictions only recently being lifted, it has months since some have been able to huge their loved ones.

Jayson Tatum, for example, hasn't seen his son, Deuce, since the bubble games began. The good news is, they were finally able to reunite today, and it's probably the best thing you'll see tonight.

Videos like these have surfaced all around the internet and they really never get old.

Obviously being away from family is hard for anyone, including multi-millionaire NBA basketball players. The reunion videos show just how much these guys love and connect with their kids.

For Tatum, though, he's still got a job to do. With his family finally joining him in Orlando, it should be all the fuel he needs to gear up and lead the Celtics to a title run.