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Jayson Tatum On Attending The NBA Bubble "A Lot Of Guys Are Going To Be Free Agents. Guys Are Putting A Lot On The Line.”

(via Celtics Blog)

(via Celtics Blog)

There have been plenty of controversies regarding the Orlando bubble. Some players don't want to risk their health, their paycheck, or just don't feel like it's the proper time to play basketball amid the social outbreak in all cities across the United States.

There were plenty of rumors claiming Boston Celtics' young star Jayson Tatum was about to sit out the bubble as he didn't want to jeopardize his impending max contract extension in the summer, a narrative he was quick to dismiss in due time.

Still, the young forward recently acknowledged that players are actually putting it all in risk by attending the bubble, claiming they haven't been able to practice in four months and then, all of a sudden, they'll have to take the intensity to the highest level:

“[There’s] a lot of guys in my situation; a lot of guys are going to be free agents. We’ve been off for four months, not being able to be in the facility. Obviously, we’re supposed to stay at home and not having the normal access that we would have to the training facility or the weight room or the gym. And then, [we ’re] kind of being asked to ramp up and pick it back up at such a rapid pace and go down there and play. Guys are putting a lot on the line," Tatum claimed, according to ESPN's Tim Bontemps.

Tatum went on to add that he understands those players who didn't want to risk their next contract, especially considering there's a huge risk of getting hurt after such a long period of inactivity. Even though some may criticize them, they'll all have their reasons not to play:

“Nothing is guaranteed.No matter if they say, ‘You’re young enough, no matter what you’re still getting paid.’ I think it’s still putting a lot on the line. I know a lot of people won’t really care that much because they feel like we make so much money, which is true, but I understand guys like Bertans that decided to sit out because he has dealt with injuries, and he was looking to get paid this summer.

I mean, it makes sense. Everybody has their own reasons for not playing, and I don’t fault anybody. It’s a tough decision to go through. But yeah, I was voicing for them to make some type of adjustment that could give some guys some stability going into this time that’s so uncertain," Tatum concluded.

Tatum was playing like a superstar prior to the suspension of the season and it seems like the Boston Celtics will only go as far as he can take them. He's a lock to receive a max contract extension in the summer regardless of what happens in Orlando but I'll be great to see him take over as the best young player in the league and lead them to the Finals.