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Jayson Tatum On What Skill He'd Like To Have: "If I Could Shoot Like Steph, That Would Be Pretty Nice."

Jayson Tatum

Not many one-dimensional players make it to the NBA. You have to be pretty good at many aspects of the game if you want to thrive and stand out among the best basketball players on earth.

'He's just a spot-up shooter', 'he can't shoot, even if he's a good defender', 'he's not athletic enough' are some of the comments you could hear from basketball scouts when assessing the skills of some prospects.

That's why NBA players continue to work on their craft and their weaknesses during the summer, so they can become a more complete player and take a step forward next season.

There's not a single player on earth that wouldn't want to improve something about his game. Anything, even the smallest tweak, can make a huge difference when you're at that level.

So, when a fan asked Boston Celtics' star Jayson Tatum during a Reddit A.M.A (Ask Me Anything) session, the young forward confessed that he'd love to have Stephen Curry's shooting ability.

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"If I could shoot like Steph, that would be pretty nice," the former Duke Blue Devil said.

Well, Tatum is already an outstanding shooter and his size allows him to pull up over pretty much every single defender on earth. He's consistent, efficient, has a high-release point, and has proven to be effective from all three levels.

Tatum has also made great strides as a defender. His long arms allow him to switch into multiple positions and he's never shied away from one-on-one coverage also, so adding Stephen Curry's shooting would pretty much make him the best player in the world.

Then again, it seems kind of unlikely that any other player could ever reach Curry's level of shooting, regardless of how much work he puts into his mechanics. At the end of the day, we're talking about the greatest shooter to ever live.