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Jayson Tatum Opens Up On Viral Kevin Durant Workout Photo: "I've Known KD Since I Was In High School... We Have A Bond."

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There has been a lot of speculation regarding Kevin Durant's future this summer, as he has requested a trade away from the Brooklyn Nets. There's no doubt that he has been linked with a number of teams around the NBA.

One of the teams that Kevin Durant has been connected to is the Boston Celtics, and at one point, they were viewed as the "unofficial frontrunner" in terms of trading for the superstar. That is why when Kevin Durant and Jayson Tatum were spotted working out together, a lot of people thought that this meant something in terms of the Celtics pursuing Durant.

Recently, Jayson Tatum opened up on the photo of him and Kevin Durant working out together, pointing out that he has known Kevin Durant since he was a high schooler and adding that there was no reason for him to say no to working out with one of the best players ever.

I've known KD since I was in high school, we were on the USA team together, we spent 5 weeks together from Vegas to Tokyo. We won a gold medal, we have a bond I guess.

I'm not to proud to say KD is one of the best players ever. One of the best players wants to work out from me, I could learn some things from him, why would I say no?

It's crazy that I can't workout with someone. That's all it was, we was working out together trying to get better.

There is no doubt that players working out together doesn't necessarily mean that one is going to get traded to the other's team. A lot of the noise is generally just speculation rather than anything concrete.

Obviously, there is still a chance that Kevin Durant does get traded to the Boston Celtics. However, it is clear that Jayson Tatum didn't necessarily go in with the thought of recruiting Kevin Durant to the team, and it was mostly about him learning from Durant and improving his own game.