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Jayson Tatum Picks His Top 5 Players Of All Time

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum has named his top 5 players of all time, with some surprising names. Tatum took to Twitter to answer whatever question fans had and he didn’t disappoint. Amid the NBA suspension, players have been more active on social media. Some are streaming video games, others are doing Tik Tok videos or simply chatting with fans.

That is the case of Tatum, who talked with fans on Wednesday night, revealing who he believes are the five best players the game has seen.

“Mike, bron, bean, Magic, Kareem,” the young player wrote.

All those players often make their appearance on those types of lists, but there is something very curious about it and plenty of fans noticed it. Tatum named four Lakers players on the list and not a single Celtic.

Of course, this is not about loyalty or picking players from your current team, but fans don’t care about that some times. The 22-year-old plays for the most successful franchise in the NBA, a team that has counted with the likes of Bill Russell and Larry Bird, but he picked five players that are widely considered the best of the best in history.

Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are always compared to each other, and it’s weird not to see somebody putting they three on the top 3 of all time. Magic is considered the greatest point guard of all time and Kareem is one of the most iconic ballers ever, a complete legend.

Some people say Tatum wants to be a Laker after this, but he seems pretty comfortable right where he is right now. We’re pretty sure he has a lot of respect for Bird and the rest of the Celtics legends, but his top 5 is filled with four Lakers and the GOAT, Michael Jordan.