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Jayson Tatum Predicts Celtics Are Going To The NBA Finals This Year

(via Deadspin)

(via Deadspin)

The Celtics are coming off, perhaps, one of their most disappointing seasons in a decade. After being hailed as the favorites in the East, they fell way short of their goals, losing to the Bucks in the Eastern semifinals in what was a mostly drama-filled, lackluster campaign.

Still, Jayson Tatum has confidence that his team can rebound from their rough stretch -- and that he'll be the one to lead them out of it.

Some claim Tatum took a noticeable step back this year despite putting up a career-high 15.7 points per game in his second season. No matter where you stand on that premise, the fact remains that Tatum is the future of the franchise. And, in the East, making the All-Star team is certainly within reach.

As for "going to the championship," that is a much harder call. With the Bucks, Sixers, and now Nets in contention for the throne, there is no real advantage the Celtics have over any of them. Only time will tell if they have enough to beat out the other elites.

In the meantime, you can bet Tatum and the rest of the squad will be feeling good about their chances.