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Jayson Tatum Reveals The Lowest Point Of The Season: "It’s Impossible Not To Hear The Noise On Social Media, Your Phone, On TV..."

Jaylen Brown

This season has not been an easy one for the Boston Celtics. Unlike a lot of Finals teams, they didn't get off to a great start this season.

In fact, things were pretty bad for the first few months as the team struggled to build chemistry and find ways to win games on the court. Through it all, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown did their best to look for answers and encountered many heartbreaks along the way.

According to Tatum, though, it only served to strengthen his relationship with Jaylen and the rest of the team:

“Throughout this season, I tell people the lowest point for me was when we lost to the Knicks,” Tatum recalled, via Malika Andrews of ESPN. “We were up 25 at halftime and [RJ Barrett] hit a buzzer-beater. And that was kinda the most frustrating, and it kinda put things into perspective… It’s impossible not to hear the noise on social media, your phone, on TV, so we hear all the things. We just got closer. We had talks. We started watching film together… We both care about each other and about this team and just about winning.”

Losing to the Knicks is enough to make any player re-think things. For the Celtics, it was enough to create real change and push the team into a higher gear of desperation.

Slowly but surely, Boston managed to figure things out and closed out the season as the 2nd seed in the East. Thanks to elite defense and productive offense, they are now just 2 wins away from winning the title and adding their team to the NBA history books.

Looking back, one has to think that all the drama and hardships Boston endured early on only made them stronger in the end.