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Jayson Tatum's Teacher Once Told Him To "Be More Realistic" After He Shared His Dream Of Becoming An NBA Player

Jayson Tatum's Teacher Once Told Him To "Be More Realistic" After He Shared His Dream Of Becoming An NBA Player

Jayson Tatum has a very strong case for being a Top 10 player in the NBA and most people like JJ Redick believe that he's already reached that point. Tatum was massive in helping the Celtics beat the Nets as well as the Bucks and has a chance to now beat the Miami Heat as well if he can get his team over the line in Game 7. 

The Celtics man has been a special talent since he came into the league, the Celtics have been a perennial playoff team and contender for almost the entirety of his young career. And while many have believed in Tatum, everyone hasn't always been able to do that. He once shared a story from his childhood when he shared his NBA dream in class and was embarrassed by the reaction of his classmates and his teacher:

“My mom always found a way to put me in private schools, which I’m thankful for, but it’s just that we live two totally different lives. So I’m already borderline intimidated when I got to school."

“I just remember in 4th grade, the teacher talking about, you know, ‘I want everyone to write a paragraph on what they wanna be when they get older’. So all the kids wanna do what they parents do. They wanna be doctors, dentists, lawyers."

“And she came around me and I was like I wanna be in the NBA one day and I want y’all to see me on TV. She looked at me and she was like, ‘You gotta pick something more realistic’. And I remember everyone in the class kinda laughed at me. And I like, I was embarrassed, and I remember I was crying."

“And I told my mom, and I’ll never forget she told me that as long as she believes in me, as long as she’s gonna support me, it don’t matter what nobody else think. That’s something I always took with me.”

Tatum's story is a testament to how many children have to suffer ridicule for dreaming big, but also an inspiration to those kids that they can make it too. Considering all that he has achieved at just the age of 24, Tatum is an excellent example of what hard work and belief can do for people. Considering that his legend is only continuing to grow, this may go down as one of the most iconic stories in the history of the league.