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Jazz Star Donovan Mitchell Tests Positive For Coronavirus

(via KSL Sports)

(via KSL Sports)

Leading up to his diagnosis, Utah big man Rudy Gobert was apprently pretty careless in the locker room.

Per a report by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Gobert was touching players and their things and it is believed he may have jeopardized the entire NBA. According to Woj, one teammate has already tested positive: young stud, Donovan Mitchell.

The good news is, it seems no other Jazz player has it, as Donovan's test was the only one who came back positive out of 58 people.

But there are many who may have been exposed, including teams and officials who have had contact with either player in recent days.

There is no word on who else is getting tested or who else might have been exposed. For now, the season is postponed and players are encouraged to quarantine themselves as the virus continues to threaten daily life in America.