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Jeanie Buss' Old Tweet About Michael Jordan And Kobe Bryant Went Viral: "To End The Kobe vs. Jordan Debate, Once And For All - Kobe, Hands Down, Is The Most Handsome Of The Two."



Jeanie Buss went viral on social media in recent hours, and not precisely for leaving the Los Angeles Lakers-New Orleans Pelicans game a lot early. The Lakers owner is clearly uncomfortable with what she saw on the court last Sunday. 

However, that's not the reason why she made so much noise around social media. NBA fans started to dig up in her old tweets and found a lot of interesting messages she directed at NBA players

One of the biggest tried to settle the Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant debate that we had at the start of the 2010s. After winning two consecutive championships with the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe was just one title away from tying Jordan, and many people debate which player was better. 

Well, Jeanie jumped on that train, but she gave it a big twist, picking the better-looking player between His Airness and the Black Mamba. 

"To end the #Kobe vs. Jordan debate once and for all - Kobe, hands down, is the most handsome of the two," Buss wrote in 2012. 

jeanie jordan

Of course, it's easy to imagine that Kobe being a Laker played a role in this decision. After that, the debate between the Chicago Bulls legend and his pupil stopped since Kobe couldn't win more championships. 

The Los Angeles Lakers owner surprised a lot of fans with her tweets, but it was just all fun for her and everybody who rediscovered those messages. We were all young and did some wild things during the early days of social media. Buss isn't the exception and many people are glad that they found the forgotten tweets.