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Jeanie Buss Reveals Disturbing Letter That She Received From Angry Fan



Racism is real folks and, even today, people aren't afraid to show it. Considering the issues that have emerged recently, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss decided to let us all in on her experience with hateful, angry fans as proof that racial tensions and prejudices still exist today.

In a fan-sent letter to Jeanie, one fan expressed their frustrations with the NBA's support of the BLM movement and their reluctance to restart the season. He used much more colorful language, but Jeanie's message was quite inspiring.

After much thought, I decided to share this letter I received on Monday so that everyone can see the hate is real and living out there. This is happening in our world TODAY. Its real and it exists. To Joe: Did sending this letter make you feel better? Really all you did was waste your time, and energy and your postage stamp. (But thank you for including your return home address).

Why don’t you look in the mirror and see your ugliness because I refuse to. I have received letters like this over the years. The advice I always got? “Ignore it.” I did. But not anymore. On this day, Juneteenth, I ask my white friends to join together, acknowledge the racism that exists in our country and around the world, and pledge to stop ignoring it. We all must do better.

Jeanie obviously gave this a lot of thought, but her decision to share wasn't about giving this guy a platform. It's more about exposing, acknowledging, and standing up against racism and social injustice.

Good on Jeanie to be brave enough to post it and, hopefully, people become aware to the fact that racism still exists in nearly every part of our society today.