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Jeremy Lin Is Getting Ready For An NBA Return: "It’s About Goin' Right At All My Past Traumas And Fears, Instead Of Being Forever Crippled By Them...”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Jeremy Lin hasn't given up on his dream to return to the NBA. The Taiwanese-American player last played with the Toronto Raptors, winning the 2019 NBA championship, having a little role with the Canadians, who left him go at the end of last season. He played with the Beijing Ducks in China, but now he's getting ready to make a return to the NBA.

After seeing what Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, Jamal Crawford, and more players did this season, Lin's hopes may have increased and he's trying to make a successful comeback to the league that saw him become the most popular person in the world almost a decade ago. Lin revealed his plans on Instagram.

"This isn’t about chasing the shadow of Linsanity. Or proving anyone right or wrong. Or about money, fame, reputation or power. It’s about God’s glory and kingdom. It’s about goin right at all my past traumas and fears, instead of being forever crippled by them…I couldn’t sleep right for 3 weeks with this decision weighing over me. I was brought to tears trying to verbalize the struggle to my family."

He made it clear that he wasn't trying to become Linsanity once again. He knows he's not that type of player since several seasons ago and now he only wants to help a team and help himself get past his fears.

"Despite being beyond grateful with sooo much that the CBA, China, and all my Asia fans gave me this past season, today I decided to not return to the Beijing Ducks next season. Instead I will be waiting for free agency and preparing myself for the NBA — and continuing my greatest dream. And maybe the result is a footnote, and this decision today was the true test."

Only time will tell if one team will grant his wish, but for now, Lin is confident in his capacities to make the longed-for come back to the league.