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Jeremy Lin Sends A Message To The Haters

Credit; Yahoo Sports

Credit; Yahoo Sports

Just a couple of months ago, Jeremy Lin was celebrating with the Toronto Raptors after the 2019 championship win against the Golden State Warriors. Now Lin is a free agent who is unwanted by NBA franchises and without a team to play for.

The emotions are understandably very high at this stage and in a recent emotional speech that he made in Taiwan, Lin spoke out about how he felt that the NBA had given up on him and that he had hit rock bottom. The speech has divided many NBA fans, some feel for the guy who is clearly being very emotionally affected by this, others don’t have the same sympathy and believe that this is something he just needs to get over.

When recently asked about his emotional response to free agency and the feeling of being unwanted, Lin explained to ‘The Athletic’ that he was just simply being honest about his feelings.

Via The Athletic:

“I think showing weakness is one of the greatest signs of strength,” Lin said. “Ironically, to be able to be OK with your weakness is one of the strongest things you could do. Who doesn’t have weaknesses? We all do. But to show them is one of the strongest things you can do. And I just feel like I know why I’m doing that. If I rubbed people the wrong way, I’m sorry. But at the end of the day, I know what I’ve been through, I know the obstacles that I’ve been through, and I also know what kind of player I can become, and I know I haven’t done that. And so that’s what I’m going to continue to do is chase that and try to be the best version of myself.”

Whether you agree with Jeremy Lin or not, it’s great to see the man standing up for himself and the emotions that he is feeling at this time. Everyone NBA player has some type of weakness and it’s brave of Lin to open up about his when many would try to hide it.

If Lin manages to be selected by an NBA team this offseason, there’s a great opportunity for the guard to take what may be his last chance in the league and make a massive impact.