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Jerry West On NBA Players Shaking Hands Fraternizing: "Why Shake Hands With The Enemy?"

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

In today's NBA, "rivalries" aren't nearly as intense as they used to be. In fact, many players today would sooner befriend a competitor than treat them as an enemy.

But for Clippers star Jerry West, he's not a huge fan of the modern, and growing, trend.

Jerry sounds like many of past players, who resent how warm and almost casual the NBA has become.

Whether you agree with that sentiment or not, you have to admit that, for a guy like West, to see players who are supposed to be rivals be so cordial with each other must be unfamiliar.

Years ago, the league was full of compelling rivalries, warring franchises, and beef between players that only helped add fuel to the fire. For the fans, it just made things a whole lot more interesting

It's cool that things have taken a lighter tone, but we can't help but wonder if things would be more interesting if there was a little more heat between the players. Certainly, that's something Jerry West is advocating for.