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Jerry West On The Clippers: "I Mean, My God, We Have The Worst Schedule Every Year."

Jerry West On The Clippers: "I Mean, My God, We Have The Worst Schedule Every Year."

For years, the Los Angeles Clippers have been stuck behind the shadow of the Lakers, being forced to share a building with a franchise that was more successful and notorious than they had ever been.

Now, as the franchise builds its new arena in Inglewood, things could be about to change for the better.

Besides stepping out on their own, and separating themselves from the Purple and Gold, they should see a change to their schedule as well, which according to Jerry West, is consistently among the worst in the league.

"I mean, my god, we have the worst schedule every year & this'll allow the team to have a schedule that’s more fair and also not be as taxing on the players. At the end of the day, most important thing is the fans enjoying the experience."

Without having to share their court with the Lakers, it will open up a whole new world of opportunities for the Clips. Despite the widespread hatred for L.A., they have the chance to start fresh and re-make their reputation.

"There's 30 teams in the league. There's 29 others," said Steve Ballmer. "And we got one that happens to be based in L.A. And we got our fans. We use our expression, 'LA Our Way.' And we're building our own presence, identity. And if the other guys feel a little threatened -- the other guys' fans, I mean; the players are actually a little different deal -- but if they feel a little threatened, that's OK. It means we're doing good."

It remains to be seen how everything will play out for this franchise. With such a long history of underwhelming play, it's hard to imagine them at the top of the basketball world.

But in a few years, given enough time and ambition, they could end up proving all the doubters and haters wrong.