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Jerry West: "Ja Morant Is The Best Player Of The 2019 NBA Draft"

Credit: USA Today

Credit: USA Today

Jerry West name is a synonym of success, no matter what topic you’re talking about. He was certainly great during his days as a player and then when he got the chance to be an executive, he excelled at it, too, pulling off some of the best movements basketball has seen.

It’s not a coincidence that he drafted Kobe Bryant back in 1996 in a total robbery and then went to sign Shaquille O’Neal that same year, laying the foundations to one of the biggest dynasties in the league in recent times before going to the Golden State Warriors to work side by side with the team’s owner and getting to draft Klay Thompson and Draymond Green in back-to-back seasons. He must know a couple of things about how his job is carried out.

Now, West is back on making headlines and even though this time wasn’t intentionally, he still did. According to actor and comedian Jeff Garlin, “The Logo” was praising Morant’s abilities when Garlin ran into him a couple of weeks now during a Los Angeles Clippers game.

Garlin said on “The Dan Patrick Show" that Ja Morant is the best player in the 2019 NBA Draft.

“You know what he was obsessed with? He talked about the college players coming out and he loves and thinks the best player in the draft is the no. 2 guy. He thinks Ja Morant is a miracle.”

Morant has seen how his name became bigger and bigger through the season, but he reached his popularity peak with a triple-double for Murray State in their first-round victory over Marquette in the NCAA Tournament.

It’s well known that Zion Williamson will be the first overall pick the upcoming NBA draft, unless something unexplainable happens, but thanks to his performances through this season, Ja Morant’s chances to get drafted during the first five selections of the night are very huge, more now that a guy with the reputation of Jerry West has been praising your game.