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Jerry West Talks About What Went Wrong With The Lakers

(via USA Today)

(via USA Today)

There is no one thing to blame in regards to the miserable 2018/19 season for the Lakers. There is a whole host of things they could have done better.

Injuries, though, is one thing they cannot control, and it is responsible for much of their woes this season. Former Laker superstar Jerry West alluded to this in a recent chat with Dan Patrick, where he explained how injuries derailed a season of promise for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers had a ton of injuries this year my goodness... they have some really nice people over there.. my son works there [for the Lakers] and when he and I talk, it pains him to see some of the stuff that's written and in many cases it's not fair."

He cites unfair criticism for the franchise this year, and he makes a good case. A lot of their struggles stemmed from injuries they could not control, yet the media was ready to pin all kinds of the blame on basically anyone and everyone on the team.

It created a toxic situation, one that is still lingering within the franchise now.

Magic stepped down, Luke Walton got fired, and people are overreacting to what would normally be considered an injury-ravaged season. If the team secures a superstar this summer, it changes everything (of course).

But if somehow, they end up with nobody, it will be interesting to see how well they perform when fully healthy. After all, they never got the chance to this season.