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Jim Jackson Says Anthony Davis Will Prolong LeBron James' Career

(via Washington Post)

(via Washington Post)

The Lakers knew they had something pretty special going on as soon as they saw LeBron James and Anthony Davis play on a scrimmage together for the very first time. Fast-forward to today and they're two wins away from winning their 17th NBA Championship.

Davis and James made an instant click and it's pretty clear that they've built a strong bond and have a lot of chemistry on and off the court.

And, according to former NBA player and current analyst Jim Jackson, having AD next to him is going to do wonders for James towards the sunset of his career, as it'll allow him to focus on different aspects of his game and not being constantly worn out in the paint:

“Freedom of movement now allows guys to go to the basket at will. AD is going to play on the perimeter so he’s giving a whole kind of a different dimension to it in what he can do offensively. It’s tougher to take the ball out of his hands. With Shaq, you could kind of dump one get to him. But because he can put in on perimeter he presents a different problem. And think about this. With LeBron by having a guy like AD he doesn’t have to dominate as much. Now he can work one-on-one getting more assists too, work on his jump shot a lot more," Jackson said.

Jackson added that the fact that James is no longer required to be the team's go-to-guy and embrace the physical burden of constantly driving to the paint because Davis is also on the team can actually prolong LeBron's career:

“Not being the guy that has to go out and score he can be the setup guy. I look at it AD can actually prolong LeBron’s career from this perspective. He doesn’t have to work as hard. Because he has someone he can got to all the time that can relieve a lot of the stress and pressure. And when it’s time for LeBron to take over, he can do that," he added.

Considering LeBron James has already been around the league or 17 years, we're talking about a guy that could end up breaking Vince Carter's record for most seasons in the NBA. Moreover, he could still play at an elite level until his 40s.

Anthony Davis is just reaching his prime and they could be a deadly one-two punch for many more years to come. Who knows? Maybe even Bronny Jr could join them at some point down the road.