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Jimmy Butler Criticizes Miami Heat After Loss To Boston Celtics: "There Are No Excuses To Not Playing Hard And Not Finishing Possessions. We’re Not Playing The Type Of Basketball That We Say We Are."

(via SunSentinel)

(via SunSentinel)

Jimmy Butler isn't happy with the Miami Heat and their recent results. The team came from a magical season in the Orlando bubble, making all the way to the Finals and actually competing with the Los Angeles Lakers in the big series. They were expected to have a similar performance this campaign but so far things haven't gone in their favor.

Miami is struggling to find its best version and not everybody is happy with that. Jimmy Butler is, of course, the one who expressed his frustrations with how things are going for the Heat right now. After the Heat lost to the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night with a game-winner by rookie Payton Pritchard, their record is now 3-4.

One would have imagined that the Heat would be better at this point of the season but things aren't that good for them. Butler spoke about these things, explaining that this is not the way for him or his team to go. Butler made it clear that they need to play hard since that is what they stand for. Yet, nothing like that is happening and the Heat are struggling to find their touch.

“There’re no excuses to not playing hard and not finishing possessions. We’re not playing the type of basketball that we say we are. The culture that we say that we have. We ain’t doing that, nobody is, not me, not Bam [Adebayo], nobody.“We gotta get back to that, if we wanna win that’s how we’re gonna have to play… but we better figure out real soon.”

They come from being finalists and their roster didn't suffer any major change, but the rest of the league did. They need to figure things out before it's too late or their season won't go as they wanted it to. They were recently linked with a trade for James Harden and now that has cooled off. Perhaps adding Harden won't look like a bad idea if they don't improve soon, but only time will tell how this is going to develop.