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Jimmy Butler Doesn't Know What He Really Wants


Jimmy Butler may have requested a trade last month to escape the cold winters of Minnesota, but does the All-Star even know himself if that's the right move for him?

When Butler requested a trade from the Timberwolves, it was revealed he had three major destinations in mind he wanted to go to: The New York Knicks, the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Clippers. All three of those teams are located in extremely large markets, especially when compared to the Timberwolves who reside in Minnesota, and also have enough cap space heading into the upcoming offseason to offer Butler the max contract he wants.

However, all three of these teams are in a far worse position than the Wolves right now, which is strange, considering Jimmy has stated one of the major reasons he's seeking a trade is so he can win a championship, something he doesn't think he can do alongside Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins in Minnesota because of their work ethic.

If Butler was to be traded to the Knicks, Nets or Clippers, there would be next to no chance they'd be winning anything anytime soon, at least until next offseason when Butler could try and recruit a fellow All-Star to join him.

So does Butler even know why he wants to leave Minnesota in the first place? Is it because he values winning, and genuinely believes he can't go far with Towns and Wiggins because of how lazy they are? Or is it because he knows he can demand more money elsewhere in a bigger market, and is just using KAT and Wiggins as scapegoats?

Butler did mention in his interview with Rachel Nichols of ESPN that the offer the Wolves gave him -- $110 million over 4 years -- made him feel disrespected and not wanted in the organization, indicating that money is a primary factor in Butler's decision, even if he says it isn't.

“It’s not about money,” Butler said. “It’s about saying, ‘We need you. We want you here. We can’t do this without you.’ And that was the disconnect all year long. You’re saying one thing and you’re saying it, you’re saying it, you’re saying it. ... Actions speak louder than words.”

So, is it all about the money or not? If it's not all about the money, then why doesn't he want to join the Lakers or even maybe Boston Celtics (via trade)? Is he ready to take a discount to sign a contract and win a championship, or does he want to sign a max contract with the Clippers or the Knicks?

Whether Jimmy gets his wish and is traded elsewhere, or remains with Minnesota for one more season, is still up in the air after Butler's practice fiasco.