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Jimmy Butler Flames His Own Team: "I Think We Be Playing Dumb Sometimes, Like We Don’t Know Where We Supposed To Be."

(via All U Can Heat)

(via All U Can Heat)

The Miami Heat are still fresh off their impressive run to the 2020 NBA Finals, when Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, and Duncan Robinson proved they could thrive together.

Unfortunately, Miami has failed (so far) to carry that momentum into the new season.

Being the leader and tone-setter that he is, All-Star Jimmy Butler wasn't afraid to be blunt and speak out about what he sees as major shortcomings on both ends of the floor.

“I think we be playing dumb sometimes, like we don’t where we supposed to be. We don’t know what the guy’s strengths are. Playing dumb, lazy, not paying attention, whatever the case might be. We just gotta be better. Not any one particular guy, but everybody as whole.”

It's no secret that defense was one of Miami's greatest strengths last season. Their gritty and hard-nosed playstyle was super effective at bothering shooters and disrupting the offense.

Compare that to this campaign (the Heat are in the middle of the pack defensively), and it's clear they're struggling to keep up their performance from a year ago.

Right now, they're just 4-4 on the season and stand at seventh place in the East. It's not the start they were hoping for, or expecting, but if anybody's capable of bouncing back, it's them.