Jimmy Butler Has His Own Coffee Business In The Bubble And Charges $20 Per Cup

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Jimmy Butler Has His Own Coffee Business In The Bubble And Charges $20 Per Cup

Jimmy Butler is in the bubble to take care of business on the court and create one when he's not playing or training. The Miami Heat swingman saw a need and he took care. Talking with Rachel Nichols of ESPN, Butler revealed he's started to run his own coffee shop in the bubble and charges $20 per cup.

When asked about his experience in the bubble, Butler revealed he was getting better as a coffee maker and his business was going well among his teammates (2:40 minute mark).

"I'm working on my coffee skills," he said. "After my career, I'm opening my coffee shop. Right now I'm charging $20 a cup so if you want some, come through."

Nichols told Butler people thought he was joking but the former Chicago Bull is as serious as it gets with his coffee entrepreneurship.

"I got everything. $20 a cup. Small, medium and large, $20 a cup."

Talking about why his coffee was special, he noted one little detail that might have been overlooked by the league when they put together this whole bubble idea.

"You can't get coffee nowhere here, so I might bump it up to $30 a cup, just depends. People here can afford it so anybody's complaining."

Butler is ready to become a full-time businessman once his NBA career is over. Seeing the acceptance his product has had in the bubble, he may be in for a good run in the business of coffee. This man saw an opportunity and took it, that's how you create a successful business.

Meanwhile, the Miami Heat will start the playoffs against the Indiana Pacers and people can't wait to see Butler clashing with TJ Warren in a 7-game series.