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Jimmy Butler Has Lost More Than 12 Pounds In One Week During His Fight With COVID-19



It has been almost three weeks now since Miami Heat guard Jimmy Butler last suited up for the Miami Heat. After getting diagnosed with COVID-19, he has missed the last nine games for the Heat, and is expected to miss many more.

And while a fight with COVID is never good news, one recent update has raised the level of concern for many in the NBA community.

According to Ethan J. Skolnick of Five Reasons Sports, who appeared on the “Five on the Floor” podcast, the 5x All-Star has experienced some pretty dramatic weight loss during his recovery, dropping more than 12 pounds in a single week.

“He (Butler) lost more than a dozen pounds in roughly a week,” said Skolnick. “Again, everybody can read into that how they like.”

Butler did make an appearance on the sidelines Wednesday night. And while he looked happy, he did also look noticeably skinnier.

It's obviously very concerning for the Heat, as Butler's health is their top priority. This may also have an impact on their playoffs chances too, though. At 6-11 on the year, Butler's absence is hurting them, and they need to stop the bleeding soon before they fall too far behind.

Focusing on the bigger picture, this situation has given us another reminder of the reality of COVID-19 and the danger it poses to everyone.

Even with the vaccine on the way, and extraordinary measures being taken to limit human contact, this pandemic continues to rage on and put people's lives at risk. Hopefully, this nightmare will be over soon, and Butler will be able to return to his team fully healthy and ready to go.

In the meantime, all we can do is hope, pray, and do our part to help keep people safe.