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Jimmy Butler Hilariously Tells Lakers "Don't Do That" After Andre Drummond Switches Onto Him

(via NBA on TNT)

(via NBA on TNT)

Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat may be having a rough season, but it doesn't mean they stopped having fun.

During a match against the Lakers on Thursday (an NBA Finals rematch), Butler gave the world a taste of his electric personality, trash-talking the Lakers, and Andre Drummond specifically, after netting a mid-range jumper.

Once the switch happened, and Dre was standing in front of Butler, the Heat star took advantage of the situation right away, backing up so he could set up his move. Honestly, the effort was seamless -- and the execution was near perfection.

For the Lakers, it marked their 6th loss in their last 10 games, a brutal stretch that has plummeted L.A.'s standing in the West. Sans LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the defending Champs just don't have enough fire-power to compete with playoff teams, especially one as deep and talented as Miami.

As for the Heat, they haven't had an easy campaign either. Early battles with COVID-19, and other issues, compromised the roster early on, and they dug themselves an early hole that they're still struggling to climb out of.

Last year's Finals featured both teams, and it was cool to see them take the court against each other again. But what their future looks like at this point is still anyone's guess.

But so long as the Heat have Butler leading the charge, something tells me they'll be just fine.