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Jimmy Butler In 2013: 'The One Thing I’d Never Wear Is A Miami Heat Jersey'

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

It's easy to forget where it all started for 4x NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler. As a young role-player of sorts for the Bulls in his early years, he began his career with a Chicago state-of-mind.

And yes, that means he began his career with a hatred towards the Heat, who became fast enemies of each other in the years that Butler was just starting his tenure.

In fact, in an old interview Jimmy gave to the Chicago Splash in 2013, Butler made his hatred for the Heat well known, going so far as to say he would "never" be caught wearing their jersey.


Fast forward six years later, and that sentiment appears to be lost on the now 29-year-old star. After spending time with the Timberwolves and Sixers, he chose to go to Miami on his own free will, as a free agent in 2019. So far, nobody has stepped up to join him, and it is likely he will be the only guy to lead them for at least a season or two.

Still, there were worse places to go. And for Butler, his opinion of the city and the franchise has clearly changed since we last heard of it in 2013.