Jimmy Butler Is 17-17 vs. LeBron James In His Career. Erik Spoelstra Is 3-0 Against Frank Vogel In The Playoffs.

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Fadeaway World

The 2020 NBA Finals are set to begin tonight, with the Miami Heat trying to shock the world and beat the Los Angeles Lakers of LeBron James. This will be the first time these two organizations will clash in the Finals but both teams will have familiar faces on their ranks.

Their head coaches and best players have gone against each other in the past and the records they have in their personal matchups could give us an idea of what is going to happen in the next couple of days.

John Ireland reports that LeBron James and Jimmy Butler have clashed on the court a total 34 times, with each player winning 17 games. Pretty close between the two stars, who faced each other several times in the Eastern Conference.

Moreover, the head coaches have gone at it 50 times, including the playoffs, with Erik Spoelstra having a little advantage, 26-24 over Frank Vogel. However, that is only when we talk about single games. In the playoffs, Spo has faced Vogel three times, winning each series.

  • 2012 ECSF - Heat vs Pacers (4-2)
  • 2013 ECF - Heat vs Pacers (4-3)
  • 2014 ECF - Heat vs Pacers (4-2)

There is a factor that could change things in favor of Vogel this time. Back then, Spoelstra had LeBron James with him, now it's the opposite, with Vogel taking Bron to his 10th Finals appearance. That could be the key for the Lakers to win this series, but regardless of how good things look on paper for one team, this is a game of men, not names, so don't sleep on this Heat. They've been overlooked all season long and this time it's no different.