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Jimmy Butler Is Excited To Face James Harden And The New-Look Sixers: “He’s With One Of My  Best Friends In Joel, And They Got A Really Good Team."

Joel Embiid Sends A Warning To The League About Teaming Up With James Harden: "He Usually Says Scary Hours, I Say Scary Minutes."

James Harden is the new star of the Philadelphia 76ers after being involved in a blockbuster deal exactly two weeks ago. The guard was swapped for Ben Simmons, who landed in Brooklyn after a final year with the Sixers. 

Everybody has had something to say about this, and now that the league is resuming, many people want to give their two pennies on this situation. During the All-Star Weekend, many players reacted to that move, describing how this will affect the East and what to expect from both Sixers and Nets. 

Figures like Trae Young, Jarrett Allen, Erik Spoelstra, and more, discussed this move, explaining what it means to the other rivals in the conference. Moreover, a former Sixers player, Jimmy Butler, revealed his true feelings on this situation. Talking with Gina Mizell of The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Miami Heat star had this to say:

The Heat’s Jimmy Butler, who has unique perspective as a former Sixer and Simmons teammate, initially brushed off a question about the trade by saying, “It didn’t have too much to do with me or my team” but added, “I just want everybody to be happy and go out there and compete, smile and love the situation they’re in and just love the game.”

“If [Harden is] happy there, then that’s where I want him to be,” Butler said. “He’s with one of my best friends in Joel, and they got a really good team. I can’t wait to go up against them and see what we’re made of.”

Just like Butler in 2019, Harden has apparently found the place where he belongs. Right after he was traded to the Sixers, he claimed that was his first choice when he asked for a trade out of Houston. 

There is a big story between Butler and the Sixers, and these two teams could easily clash in the Eastern Conference Finals this season. The East is up for grabs and everybody is trying to beat their opponents. In some cases, players wish they face certain rivals to have a sweeter victory.