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Jimmy Butler Is Tired Of The Conspiracies


When will this story end? No, seriously.

The Jimmy Butler/TWolves drama is a topic we've been on since the summer, and we're not any closer to a resolution than we were back then.

Yet, at every turn, there seems to be a new part of this never-ending story. Take the report regarding Butler's status tonight, for example. When it was announced he'd miss the game for "body soreness," people were quick to cry a conspiracy about it.

Butler isn't a fan of all the noise. He made that clear when Rachel Nichols asked him why he was out.

"It's because my body is hurting I don't want to go out there and risk injury. What are they going to say when I show up on Friday and hoop? It will all go back to normal until they see me arguing with my dog and then people will say I named my dog "KAT" so I can yell at him."

Thing is until this whole thing gets resolved, it's unlikely the conspiracy theories will stop. And that's obviously not something the team or Butler really wants.... which is why they should've dealt him a long time ago.