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Jimmy Butler On Chris Paul: "I Don’t Care. I Don’t Need Friends Here In The Bubble.”

Credit: ESPN

Credit: ESPN

Jimmy Butler is one of the fiercest competitors in the entire NBA and he's taken that role to the next level in the bubble. Butler is there to win and take care of his teammates, as he showed during a recent game between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder. At some point in the game, Chris Paul was trash-talking Duncan Robinson and even hit him with the ball.

Butler didn't like that and he hit Paul in the next play. Talking with ESPN's Rachel Nichols, Jimmy talked about that moment, explaining that he's focused on his team, on winning and nothing else, making it clear that he didn't land in the bubble to make friends.

"I just don't like (Paul) picking on my young fellas like that," Butler told Nichols. "I feel like (he) didn't have to do that. (My response) was like ... an eye for an eye."

When asked if he fixed things with Paul, Butler had a clear answer.

"I don't care," he said. "I don't need friends here in the bubble. I barely leave my room. I'm in my room minding my business. I'm not going to see nobody."

Butler is now focused on the next challenge, as the Heat will take on the Indiana Pacers in the first round of the playoffs. This series is surrounded by huge expectations since Butler will face TJ Warren, whom he had beef at the beginning of the year.

This man is on a mission and he won't have any friends from other teams until he either wins the championship or gets eliminated.