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Jimmy Butler On Hype vs. T.J. Warren: "We Can Kill That. That's Something Of The Past."

Jimmy Butler On Hype vs. T.J. Warren: "We Can Kill That. That's Something Of The Past."

When the Eastern Conference matchups were set, it was inevitable to get excited about the Miami Heat facing the Indiana Pacers in the first round. We are going to have a full series of Jimmy Butler going against TJ Warren. Well, they will clash on the court but don't expect things to be as passionate as you initially believed.

Butler has recently spoken about this matter and for him, his beef with Warren is part of the past. He's focused on taking his team to the Finals and every rival will be the same for him, an obstacle between him and his goal. On Sunday night, Butler made it clear that he's ready to play basketball and not getting distracted by other factors.

"Look, I just play basketball," Butler said during a video call with reporters after Sunday's practice. "I'm going to go out there and be the best player on the floor. That's what Miami has me here to do. I'm not worried about nobody's matchup, man. We can kill that. That's dead, that's something that'll pass. Everybody wants to make a story out of it, but my job isn't against T.J. Warren, it's against the Indiana Pacers, and my job is to help the Miami Heat beat the Indiana Pacers."

All this attention came after Butler and Warren exchanged some words and had to be separated on January 8. Following that game, Butler called Warren 'trash', saying he wasn't in his league. There are several factors to consider this matchup a great one but Butler's rivalry with Warren stands out the most. Perhaps this message was sent to piss off Warren, perhaps Jimmy really forgot the whole thing and now he's over it.

This is suspicious knowing that Butler posted a very suggesting video on Instagram following Miami's 114-92 blowout against Indiana last week.

It's hard to believe nothing is going to happen between these two. Stay tuned.