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Jimmy Butler On Why Exactly He Wanted Out Of Minnesota: ‘None Of Your Business’

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler was at the center of drama at the start of this season when he decided to leave the Minnesota Timberwolves for the Philadelphia 76ers.

So far, Butler has never given an exact reason why he left the Wolves but it was clear that the franchise had some serious team chemistry issues that they needed to work on.

Although it hasn’t been talked about for a while, everything was re-brought up again this weekend when the Philadelphia 76ers met the Timberwolves in Minnesota. In an interview just hours before the game, Butler addressed his thoughts on the Timberwolves and certain players such as Tom Thibodeau, Karl-Anthony Towns and Ryan Saunders.

But as he was asked about why he ultimately left Minnesota, the answer was blunt.

“None of your business,” said Butler. “You don’t know what’s going on unless you’re in there every day, You’re just taking bits and pieces and trying to fill in the gaps that you don’t know. So, now you’ve got to guess. I let people think what they want to think, I really do. It don’t faze me. I don’t read into the media, because nobody knows.”

Butler also explained how hard it was to tell Thibodeau that he wanted out of Minnesota, describing it as “one of the tougher conversations” he’s had.

“Like I told him, ‘You’re forever my guy. We started this thing together, went through another stint of this thing together,’ ” Butler said. “That was one of the tougher conversations to have to tell one of my favorite people and one of my favorite coaches, you know, ‘This (expletive) ain’t it.’ He tried his best to change my mind, I’ll tell you that.”

Jimmy Butler did his job as best as he could when in Minnesota, helping the franchise break it’s 14-year playoff drought and becoming an All-Star in the same season. As such a talented guard, Minnesota’s loss was Philly’s gain, it’s turned the franchise into a potential championship contender.

The 76ers managed to hold off the Timberwolves to defeat them in a nine-point victory, 118-109. It was a tough scene for Butler who faced the boos from the Wolves crowd the entire night. Whether it affected his performance or not, Butler shot poorly as he finished with just 12 points and shooting a disappointing 4 from 17 from the field.

With the playoffs just around the corner, Jimmy Butler will need to be at his very best to give the Sixers every chance of becoming the best team of the East.