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Jimmy Butler Reveals Why He Chose To Join The Miami Heat

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Jimmy Butler’s time in Philadelphia was cut short when he decided that he wanted to be apart of the Miami Heat. The move could turn the Heat into a playoffs team that has a lot of potentials.

It turns out that part of Butler’s decision to move to Miami is for the actual city rather than just the team and the franchise as a whole. According to the Miami Herald, Jimmy Butler took some time to explore the city earlier this year when the Sixers took on the Heat in Dwyane Wade’s final home game of his career.

Via Miami Herald:

As for Butler’s fit with the city of Miami, he started exploring that in April with a tour through Little Havana. With the 76ers in town to take on the Heat in the final home game of Wade’s career on April 9, Butler used the first part of that day to learn about the area. Butler was determined to experience “the real Miami” and settled on Little Havana as the neighborhood to tour… On April 9 during a tour of Little Havana, Butler was looking forward to proving he was a better dominoes player than those at Domino Park that day. Not aware that double-nine dominoes were used at the park, Butler was thrown off because he grew up playing with a double-six set… The group ended up playing double-six dominoes. And of course, Butler won.

Living in Miami is certainly a massive change from life in Philadelphia, Minnesota or Chicago, the new Heat guard is certainly used to cold winters of those locations.

Jimmy Butler spent just one season with the Philadelphia 76ers where the team fell just short of reaching the Eastern Conference Finals due to a Game 7 loss to the eventual champions, the Toronto Raptors.