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Jimmy Butler On The Balance Between Winning And His Personal Life: 'If I’m Too Locked In, I Forget About Everything Else, Everybody Else… And I Don’t Want To Do That.'

Jimmy Butle

Jimmy Butler is one of the fiercest competitors in the NBA. The Miami Heat superstar found his place in the world in South Beach after leaving the Chicago Bulls, going through rough times in Minnesota and Philadelphia. The forward embodies the Heat culture perfectly and the people in Miami have welcomed him with open arms. 

He's trying to deliver an NBA champion after three seasons with the Floridian team, and this season appears to be a great option to make the Heat NBA champions for the first time since 2013. 

Butler already took the team to the Finals in 2020, but LeBron James, Anthony Davis and co. handled the Heat in six games at the infamous Orlando bubble. Now things are different and the 32-year-old has a big chance to make it to the big series and win it all. Jimmy Buckets is ready to give his all to get the championship, but he's also careful about getting too focused on that and forgetting about everything else. 

“I need all the different things that I compete in just to level me out,” Butler told Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press. “Too much of any good thing is always a bad thing. I live by that. So, I try to take it piece by piece, day by day, realizing that I do keep the main thing the main thing — that is basketball. I do want to win a championship. We all know that. I do want to be healthy. We all know that. But if I’m too locked in, I forget about everything else, everybody else. And I don’t want to do that.”

Jimmy did a terrific job in 2020, leaving his everything on the court, trying to take the Heat to the promised land against an overpowered Lakers team. Now, LeBron James doesn't have many chances to make it to the Finals, and the Heat rank 1st in the East. The competition to make it to the championship series is incredibly hard, but Butler is confident his team can reach the ultimate goal.