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Jimmy Butler Warns The Rest Of The NBA After Miami's Big Win Over The Lakers

(via All U Can Heat)

(via All U Can Heat)

You can never count out a competitor in the NBA, regardless of how doomed they may look at first. And God knows that Jimmy Butler is one of the fiercest competitors you'll ever find.

The Miami Heat entered this season determined to prove that their success in the bubble wasn't a fluke and that they were for real. However, a long bout with Covid-19 and multiple injuries prevented the team from fulfilling its true potential early in the season.

And now that they're slowly going back to full strength, Jimmy Butler wants everybody around the NBA to know that they're going to be back in the playoffs and that they will be the same tough team they were in the bubble:

“I’m grinning. Better book it,” Butler told ESPN's Rachel Nichols after the Heat beat the Lakers.

When healthy, there's no doubt that the Miami Heat is one of the most dangerous teams in the league. They can match up with anybody and have enough depth, talent, and defense to make every single team in the league pay.

They're reportedly looking forward to making a couple of deals before the trade deadline to strengthen an already deep roster, and now that Jimmy Butler is finally back where he wants to be - physically speaking - they look poised to make a huge run in the Eastern Conference.

Last night's victory over the reigning champions - although quite undermanned - can't be overlooked. The Miami Heat are well coached, well built, and have an alpha dog - who also happens to be one of the best two-way players in the league-leading the way for them. So yeah, they'll figure it out.