Jimmy Butler Was Confused After Reporter Used The Word "Coalescing": "Don't Do That. Come On Now. What The Hell Does That Mean? You Said A Big Word."

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Ever since he rose to stardom, we've witnessed multiple hilarious episodes with Jimmy Butler. He just tells it as it is, regardless of what people think or say.

In fact, Butler enjoys fooling around with his fans and even with the media. Regardless of how some journalists tried to portray him as a bad teammate or a toxic presence in the locker room, he's still usually in a very good mood and often jokes with the press.

That was in full display a couple of hours ago when a journalist tried to use quite a big word in an interview and he just wasn't having it at all:

"Don't do that. Come on now. What the hell does that mean? You said a big word"

Reporter: "It means to come together" Jimmy: "You could have just said that"

Well, Jimmy Butler is definitely one of the funniest dudes in the league so this shouldn't come as a surprise. Also, he must be in a very good mood now that the Miami Heat are finally rolling after a troubled start to the season.

The Heat were coming off making the NBA Finals last year but couldn't replicate their success early in the year, as they had to deal with multiple injuries and a prolonged bout with Covid-19. In fact, Butler had to miss a lot of games due to the health and safety protocols.

Now, Erik Spoelstra's side is once again in the playoff picture and proving that last year's playoff run wasn't a fluke. And part of that has to be due to Butler's personality, leadership, and contagious spirit.

So yeah, maybe, next time you're trying to address a guy like Butler, you may want to skip the fancy words and just keep it simple and real, just like him.