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JJ Barea Says Luka Doncic Isn't A Superstar Yet: “He Is Still A Kid; He Is Still Chilling, He’s Still Growing. He Still Hasn’t Taken The Next Step."

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Luka Doncic has taken the NBA and the world by storm with his performances since he entered the league three years ago. The Slovenian player has become a star in the league and he's expected to take the next step this campaign. Doncic is one of the future faces of the league and he already carries big expectations.

Luka is the favorite player to win the MVP award this season and that is a big pressure for him. He didn't start the season the best way given the short turnaround and his overweight. He's working to get in the best shape and lead his Dallas Mavericks to compete in the West but the job won't be easy. Former teammate JJ Barea recently talked with JJ Redick on his "The Old Man and the Three" podcast, explaining that Doncic isn't a superstar yet.

The Slovenian player still has things to learn and achieve before becoming a superstar in the NBA, according to the Puerto Rican (41:03 mark).

“He is still a kid; he is still chilling, he’s still growing. He still hasn’t taken the next step.

“When he starts really training and really working and really getting ready for the NBA, he’s gonna be a monster. Right now he is still a kid, he still thinks that he can pull it off like this.

“He is still getting better every year. But I think he is still a kid. By 24-25 when he becomes a man he will be real problem. He loves the game, he loves his teammates.

“He loves to compete against the best. He’s got all the things, I think you need to be a great basketball player.”

Doncic has everything to be successful in the league and his improvement over the last couple of years is the biggest proof of that. He's only 21 and has a bright future ahead. Luka is expected to do big things in his career and the Mavs can't wait to see what their star is going to bring to the franchise.