JJ Redick Believes The Miami Heat Will Beat The Los Angeles Lakers: “The Heat Winning Would Reaffirm Everything I Believe Basketball. I Believe They Can Really Challenge Them, And This Could Go Down Similar To The 04 Pistons, This Team Reminds Me So Much

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The Miami Heat are becoming the most beloved, respected, and feared team in the world right now. They're playing beautiful team basketball and have been on a roll since the restart of the season, even becoming the first 5th seed to ever reach the NBA Finals.

Even so, the Los Angeles Lakers are heavily favored to win their 17th Larry O'Brien trophy and for very good reason, as they feature an outstanding defense and anchored by LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Then again, JJ Redick believes no one should overlook this version of the Miami Heat, as he believes that they have that same vibe from the 2004 Detroit Pistons who took down the Los Angeles Lakers and their infamous 'Fab Four' in the NBA Finals:

“The Heat winning would reaffirm everything I believe basketball. I believe they can really challenge them, and this could go down similar to the 04 Pistons, this team reminds me so much of them," Redick said on his Podcast.

Redick has quite a valid point right here. The Heat, like the Pistons, are a well-meshed and locked in team. There's no ego, there's no I, there's just a never-ending desire to compete at the highest level, put their bodies on the line, and leave it all on the hardwood for their teammates.

Obviously, preventing LeBron James and the Lakers from winning the NBA Championship is going to be an uphill battle but if anyone can do it, that's definitely Jimmy Butler and Erik Spoelstra's Miami Heat.