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JJ Redick Likes A Post About The Pelicans Been Eliminated From Playoffs Contention


JJ Redick isn't over his beef with the New Orleans Pelicans. In fact, he's celebrating that the team has been eliminated from playoffs contention this season. 

The relationship between the player and the team didn't end the best way, and he's still holding grudges against them. As the Pelicans' elimination from the 2021 playoffs was confirmed, Redick was caught liking a tweet announcing the bad news for the franchise. 

This situation escalated very quickly between the veteran and the team. The sharpshooter was ready to join a different team in another city, as promised by the Pels GM David Griffin. Yet, none of that happened, and he had to pack his stuff and go to Dallas. 

That move didn't sit well with him, who tried to get closer to his family in Brooklyn, but Griffin had different plans, even after telling JJ he would get his wish granted. NBA fans had different reactions to this, some supporting Redick and others saying he's just mad for not being in Brooklyn. 

He is in Dallas, trying to help that team reach the playoffs this season after missing the big party for the first time in his career last season with the Pelicans.

Things are getting pretty interesting for all the teams trying to make it to the postseason, and the Mavs are one of those. So while he waits for his turn to provide for the Mavs, Redick is trolling his former team after a bad season.